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Bespoke & Repairs


All our bags are trimmed by hand






Our Bespoke Bags and Luggage are all cut and sewn individually with experienced care and attention to detail.
  Look out for their signature label in the pocket of each bag.
Each item is quoted individually, for further information please speak to Beverley Jones.

Repairs and Refurbishment  

  We manufacture using the traditional methods of craftsmanship and leather workmanship
if you withs to submit a repair please email us with a photograph of the item and details of your 
item you wish us to quote repair work.
 We will endevour to repair the item if at all possible.
For repair work to a branded item other than The Muddy Dog Company we have a mininmum charge of £45.

We offer a refurbishment service for old bags we have made at a minimum charge of £10

 We like to call our repair department The Handbag Hospital.
If you send us a photograph of the bag you wish to have repaired we will quote for you.
 We are able to help customers who refuse to dismiss their old favourite.
We quote each bag individually depending on the level of restoration needed.  A repaired, recycled and refreshed bag
often brings a huge smile to the customer when they collect or receive their 
cherished old faithful Muddy Dog Company handbag.

The Muddy Dog Company
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